by Funky Bizness Gang

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released June 29, 2016

The album was recorded by Funky Bizness Gang:

Alexander Ashbel (guitar, lead vocals, handclaps)
Ruslan Tagirov (keyboards, backing vocals, handclaps)
Konstantin Ovchinnikov (drums, percussion, handclaps)
Alexander Nikolayev (bass guitar, handclaps)
Dmitry Zyryanov (trumpet)
Stanislav Shushkevich (alto sax)
Pavel Lashuk (tenor sax)
Andrew Mills (percussion)

With guest appearance of:
Berenice van Leer — vocals on ‘Put the Lights Down Low’.
Yulia Dyachkovskaya and Elizaveta Rybalko — backing vocals on 'Beat Inside My Soul', 'Soul System', 'You Don't Know'

Music by Funky Bizness Gang
Lyrics by Alexander Ashbel
Remix and additional production on tracks 6 and 7 by Ruslan Tagirov.

Recorded at Octopus Lab

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Ruslan Tagirov

Recording technician: Sergey Filipov

Package design by Anna Nikolayeva
Photos by Alexander Nikolayev

The Band would like to thank the following persons:
Our families and friends for the immeasurable support; Berenice van Leer for sharing her immaculate performance; Andrey Yasyukovich for his patented live sound; Vadim Chikurov for his funky business; Roman Chernikov for his high quality language supervising.

Ruslan Tagirov would like to thank Dasha, Timur, the Octopus team and Mr. Bill Murray.
Alexander Ashbel would like to thank Dianita, Pavel Vorontsov and also every person mentioned in ‘The Roots Reunited’ plus the unmentioned genius of Ray Charles.

With love & groove, Funky Bizness Gang

(A Black Music Promotion release)

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all rights reserved



Funky Bizness Gang Yekaterinburg, Russia

Funk band from Yekaterinburg (Russia). Since 2006. We take the classic funk to compose our own music. James Brown to Lenny Kravilz, The Meters to Vulpeck – everyone will find something familiar in it.

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Track Name: Beat Inside My Soul
Find that funky feeling deep inside your soul
That’s the beat you can’t deny — release it after all
Catch that funky rhythm pumping thru your vein
When the groove is on the move, you cannot stay the same

That’s the beat inside my soul
That’s the groove I can’t control
That’s the beat inside my soul
That’s the groove I can’t control
That’s the beat inside my soul
That’s the groove I can’t control
That’s FUNK!

That’s a kind of fever coming from inside
You can feel it in your chest when bass and drums collide
Throw back all your worries, float down with the beat
Nothing can embarrass you while funky breaks repeat
Track Name: The Roots Reunited
James Brown
Sly Stone
Longhair, the King of New Orleans
Reverend Al Green

Ooh… C’mon and hit me!
Ooh… C’mon and hit me twice!
Ooh… C’mon and hit me!
Ooh… I'll tell you what to do

We gotta know the roots
We gotta make ‘em all reunited
At first you have to learn the past before you go ahead
Know the roots
Make ‘em all reunited
‘Cause knowledge is the only way to free your head

Mr. Bobby Bland
Average White Band

Sam Cooke
Martin Luther King
Track Name: Soul System
Build up something genuine and daring
It’s so easy to begin
Build up something extraordinary
Just to show the things unseen

Free your soul now just to be connected
To the rhythm of your life
There’s no chance to stay unaffected
When the system gets overdrive

It’s like a soul system
You give me yours
I give you mine
Changin’ all the time

Let your heart be kinda power station
Generating love around
Let it move in permanent rotation
Breaking every single bound

Let’s get started — there’s no time to wallow
On the laurels of the past
Free your mind and your ass will follow
Don’t you worry ‘bout the rest
Track Name: Put The Lights Down Low (feat. Berenice Van Leer)
It’s so strange to feel your absence
When I need you most of all
You have left to find the answers
I am here to bear my fault

I’ve got so much time for waiting
But we got to ask ourselves
What’s the use of contemplating
As for me, it makes no sense

In my mind I cut the distance
Time accelerates its flow
That excuses my existence
But my feelings got too slow
So I put the lights down low
I put the lights down low

There’s no chance to win a battle
Seeing things we’ve said and done
There’re two sides to every medal
Got to see the other one.
Track Name: You Don't Know
You don't know what is trouble every day
You don't know what it means to lose your way
You're among your first world problems
That you could easily delay

You don't know how to manage on your own
You don't know how to live your life alone
You've been spoiled and pampered baby
Since the day that you were born

But when your joy depends
On pain of someone else
You just don’t get it right
You just can’t get it right
Because my freedom ends
When someone ties my hands
It’s time to get it right
It’s time to get it… get it on

Let me know when your games come to an end
Let me know when you try to understand
That the real size of your ego
Is smaller than a grain of sand

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